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CALTIM Designs
163 Valleyview Road
Mooresville, NC  28117
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  Welcome to CALTIM Designs

CALTIM Designs is based in Mooresville, NC, Race City USA.  Home to some of the countries fastest race teams in NASCAR Cup Racing.

We are Mooresville's leading and premier Web hosting and Design company offering all Internet services to our clients.  From Shopping Carts to site design and deployment we can help you develop your online presence and help you drive traffic to your business.

How can you benefit from the Internet?
The past couple of years has seen a virtual explosion in the media about the “Information Superhighway”. Millions of people are getting many of the same benefits today on the Internet.

There is no simple definition that would do the Internet justice. The Internet stripped down to its essentials is simply the world’s largest computer network. The Internet is rapidly becoming the storehouse of world knowledge combining multimedia components of text, images and sound.

We think that now is the time for a presence on the Internet and we believe that we are the best team to partner with you in doing so.

Our company is in the business of understanding your needs and developing a strategic approach to enhancing your market position by creating an Internet presence with a program known as a World Wide Web site.

NET.PRESENCE (adj.) “the state or fact of playing a significant role in enhancing the Internet.” More than simply connecting to the Internet, establishing a net.presence is accomplished through activities such as publishing quality information of interest to others, establishing appropriate links between your information an other relevant items on the net, and participating in a constructive role in on-line forums such as Internet newsgroups.

We strongly believe that an Internet presence can compliment and enhance your companies or organizations approach to selling more products and services.

Why set up a service on the Internet?
Increased Visibility! The Internet permits you to reach a huge university-educated audience that may not otherwise be reached. The Internet is “hip” and it is no longer just for computer nerds. As evidenced by the success of such magazines as Wired, PC Connections, and Windows, it is now “cool” to be connected. But it is not just the young that are discovering the Internet, home computer owners of all ages are discovering the usefulness and entertainment value of the vast information resources that is the Internet. Public libraries are offering free connections and on-site terminals for research and job seekers looking for reference materials and articles on how to write the perfect resume.

Improved Customer Service! The Internet provides a cost effective way to provide all the details of your products, show the pictures, and answer all of the most common questions. and provide a means for interactive feedback via electronic mail. Dozens of customers can access this information simultaneously without the need for a roomful of telephone service reps.

Enhanced Profile! Companies and organizations that set up useful and informative World Wide Web sites build brand name recognition and customer goodwill that is ultimately rewarded by favorable consumption decisions. The Internet presence can be included in printed material and correspondence to reinforce the message and enhance your image.
Low cost and risk! The entry level cost is very low. It is both feasible and prudent to start small and expand as the demand is demonstrated. We are proposing to operate the system which means that you would not need to purchase or maintain any computer systems or hardware. This also protects you and your computers from any risk by unauthorized people since the service’s computer would be located outside your office.

What type of information is suitable for the Internet?
The hypertext format of the World Wide Web makes it easy to provide very detailed information that combines text, graphics, video clips, and sound bites. And because there is only one copy of the information, revisions are generally easy to do, making it possible to keep your messages up to date.

The World Wide Web is suitable for brochures, catalogs, order forms, lists, pictures, diagrams, directions, schedules, news releases, surveys and almost anything else that you need to show your potential new customers.
The key is that the medium is different than other forms of communications and requires a different approach. The companies that are the most successful are providing some information value in addition to delivering the sales message.
The list of potential components sounds like it would result in a computer system that would take years to develop and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to implement, but that is simply note the case. We suggest a modest starting program that can be expanded easily and be extremely cost effective, long term.

Why the Internet?
The last two years have seen widespread growth in the public and commercial use of the Internet which had previously been used primarily for research and educational purposes. The main reason for this growth has been the development of the World Wide Web which has made the Internet accessible to anyone with a Windows PC and a modem.

Today’s network access software offers PC owners an easy-to-use point and click platform to a world of information that combines text, graphic images, and sound at a cost that is very competitive to other on-line services such as CompuServe, America Online or Prodigy.

Corporations are certainly taking notice of the Internet by providing pure information services (Coors Brewing), setting up electronic shopping (Sears Tools) or simply using it to access its vast information resources (RJR Tobacco).


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RACE CITY USA, NC 28117-4105
TEL: 704-500-1834 • FAX: 704-660-3932
Email: Webmaster


CALTIM Designs and its affiliated accounts do not authorize the use of its proprietary computers and
computer networks to accept, transmit, or distribute unsolicited bulk e-mail sent from the internet.  

Effective immediately:  CALTIM Designs will no longer accept email connections from IP addresses
 which have no reverse-DNS (PTR record) assigned.  ISP's that do not allow RDNS are considered 
SPAM friendly and are in direct violation of our AUP.

ALL CALTIM client email is scanned and filtered for viruses and SPAM. 
 We use the latest Real Time Blacklists, SpamCop, and Spam Filter ISP to filter our mail.

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